The latest from the so-called progressive Democrats is Medicare for all. A couple of the hundred running for president want to eliminate health insurance and give everyone Medicare for all.

Medicare is for those 65 and older plus those with an SSDI disability. Members also have an opportunity to use insurance like Medicare Advantage, HMOs and Medigap. Medicare works great, and you seldom hear any complaints.

Kamala Harris and Liz Warren should come up with better ideas, like Medicaid for all and insurance extension under their parents for children living at home that are over 26 years old and under 65.

Medicare works, and when something works, you leave it alone. We don’t need a big government bureaucracy to run Medicare. We already have problems with healthcare under the VA.

Many voters think that “dreamers” are illegal immigrants who were brought to this country when they were children. They may be called that, but the latest batch of progressives are the real “dreamers.” Dream on as the country falls apart from your ideas.

Anthony N. Tocci

Plum Hollow

East Falmouth

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