How would you like to see Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren all on the same ballot, all running for President? And, no matter who you voted for, it would not create the situation where voting for any one candidate would be a spoiler vote that could elect someone you didn’t want elected. That has always been the problem with third-party and independent candidates.

This fall we have a chance to end that. Ranked choice voting will be on the ballot, if it gets enough signatories to get it on the ballot. It will not affect the 2020 vote, as this is a vote to make it happen for future elections.

For more information on ranked choice voting, go to

Between now and June 17 just over 13,000 signatures need to be collected to get ranked choice voting on the ballot. Signatures are a mandatory part of the ballot initiative process. Signature collections were going along fine until the plague, COVID-19, made it difficult to get signatures. Then the people at Voter Choice for Massachusetts stepped up and found a way. An official petition can be signed by going to A popup window allows voters to actually sign a signature onto the petition.

If people approve of ranked choice voting and want it on the ballot in November, they can go to for instructions on how to get it on the ballot. It is a very simple process and will take less than five minutes—even faster if the browser has auto fill. There is a link at this site that links to an explanation of ranked choice voting.

James K. Hadcroft

Gifford Street Falmouth

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Sounds good, at first. But before you vote for this, remember that it fundamentally changes the way we vote. And possibly changes the way our Democracy works. Do your research before you vote, and keep in mind that ranked choice voting has been repealed in a number of cities after implementation. That should tell you something.

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