I would like to address Article 19, which is to be considered at the upcoming Town Meeting. Article 19 concerns the selling of town land on Williams Hollow Way with the objective of rehabilitating a long-abandoned house for affordable housing.

This land was purchased in 1987 for the purpose of “water protection and/or other municipal uses.” The primary purpose for this property has always been water protection. This land is part of one of only two town-owned sites that can support future wells. With the ever-increasing need for water in Falmouth, it does not make sense to sell one of the few locations where a well can be located.

When the land was purchased there was an abandoned house on the property. It is this house, unused for almost 40 years, that is being proposed for affordable housing. The estimated cost to perform the work necessary to make the small (well under 1,000 square feet) summer house habitable year-round is estimated to be at least $250,000, with $65,000 provided by the Falmouth Housing Trust. This seems to me to be a lot of money for such a small house.

Before spending that much money on a property, I’d like to see a floor plan for the finished project. The house is quite small and the layout is not conducive to more than two very small bedrooms and an extremely small kitchen.

At last November’s Town Meeting, money was voted to be used to take down the house, but that has not happened. When the land was first purchased by the town, more than one person approached the town about buying the house but each was told that it was the intention of the town to tear down the house. It’s time that happened.

I urge Town Meeting members to reject Article 19 and to urge the town to tear down the house as has been the town’s intention from day one.

Thomas E. Weaver

Sam Turner Road


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I see no reason they cant keep the fire stations and up grade them all, we really dont need the simulator at that kind of price, we could send our Firemen to another location for 2 weeks as part of the training program, then when the have it down every 2 or three years, this would serve 2 purposes, one saving those millions that we would have spent, just the interest saved on that should pay to send our guys away for training, the second thing is that just about every fireman or Women would enjoy going away for a couple weeks, training Mon-Fri, then they could have weekends to go back home or hang out and check that area out, i am sure they will be welcomed by that community, could even see if they could stay at there firestation to see that operation.I went away every year in my profession , for 2 weeks, and it was a welcome break, we were put up in a hotel, allowed to bring a guest, only to be allowed to stay at the hotel and do what they want while their partner went to Class so to speak. Got A great deal for the company, we used their lounges pool golf course, just about every amenity, but we were given a budget of 20 bucks a day for food, they would not pay for alcohol. JUST A NICE THING FOR BOTH SIDES WITHOUT CLOSING NOT SO OLD FIRE STATIONS. eXPAND SOME, JUST USE WHAT WE HAVE, SPEND SPEND SPEND IS NOT THE ANSWERS.

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