Having just read the Enterprise’s editorial headlined “Thinking About A Mission Statement,” I paused for a moment to temper my frustrations on why a community newspaper, whose own tag line is “Devoted to the Interests of the Falmouth Community,” would find it good journalism to target an association, individuals and even town leadership in its editorials. Your demonization of their efforts to do the right thing for their neighborhood and the entire Town of Falmouth is, again, a shameful display of journalist mongering. I’m not sure of the Enterprise’s motivations, but one day it will come to light. Falmouth is a great town, where citizens respect each other’s values and find time to make positive contributions for all to benefit.

The Falmouth Heights-Maravista Neighborhood Association was founded in 1889, around the same time as the Enterprise. It has worked diligently through its volunteers to deliver the promise of its mission, but also protect the gem that all residents enjoy throughout the year. I would challenge you to understand the deep facts of SouthCoast’s plan for Falmouth and not just scratching the surface. It’s hardly what you fictionalize in your editorial on Friday. There is one motivation by SouthCoast: meet a ridiculous government target, save their shareholders’ money and leave Falmouth with another folly. Perhaps, one day, the editor will personally come to a SouthCoast discussion session and listen versus using the pen as a guide so, the paper can, in the editor’s own words to deliver “fair, balanced and objective reporting on SouthCoast.”

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