Simple Rules To Follow

I am responding to the letter from Patricia Zimmerman expressing concern about loose dogs in Teaticket Park. I want to add to the writer’s concerns two points: Teaticket Park is privately owned by The 300 Committee Land Trust, which invites public access. The rules of use include having dogs on leash, on the paths, and cleaned up after. Disposal bins are at several points in the park.

In addition, though perhaps not widely known, is that loose dogs are a hazard to the natural wildlife, both plants and animals, in the park. Native plants and animals are harmed by loose dogs roaming freely.

The park is a great place to walk, and the accommodation of the public by The 300 Committee is meant to balance the enjoyment of a natural area with reasonable rules for park use and wildlife health. Surely it is not too much to ask of people to think about park health and follow the simple rules, while enjoying the bounty of this beautiful natural area.

Richard A. Stone

Hickory Lane


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