We were all relieved when the Sippewissett Campgrounds were sold for “glamping” instead of becoming another housing development, and this glorious swath of land near the Great Sippewissett Marsh and close to the shores of Buzzards Bay would be saved. But then they came in and clear-cut all the trees and turned it into a sandpit, which they dotted with a couple of rows of silver bullets. Where were the fancy tents, I wondered? Then they built a clubhouse which looks like it belongs in Malibu, and they light up every night like a Christmas tree.

Last fall, some of the residents in the upscale, adjoining neighborhood founded by Eli Lilly became alarmed, and met with the developer. He assured them everything would be fine.

But when I drove by the other day, the silver bullets are not only in a couple of rows, but everywhere. I do not see much green, and there are very few trees. At the forefront of the complex is a series of asphalt parking lots. Where are the glamping tents, I wondered? This looks more like an ordinary trailer park than a fancy campground. A not particularly attractive stockade fence attempts to hide this eyesore, but you can still see in around the edges.

How is it that the Town of Falmouth has allowed a complex of almost a hundred silver streams to be inserted in a lovely, rural neighborhood with farmland across the street? Are there no limits on how many campers can be in the area? Talk about windmills on West Falmouth ridge. This place is a horror.

Who wants to stay in a trailer 15 feet away from the next one, and do you call this camping? Where will all of the sewage go, and it is my understanding they get to use the Saconesset Beach, which is privately owned. Our town is named for the Saconessets, a sect of the Wampanoag Tribe who once dwelt in this sacred area. I used to love to ride my bicycle down the Shining Sea Bikeway to view the two white teepees from the previous campground which had been erected in honor of our ancestors. Now there are no more teepees, just an insidious new blight in Saconesset Hills.

Lee Drescher

Associates Road

West Falmouth

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What surprised me about this is that the normally politically astute and active residents of the area were not on top of this from day 1-it is, in my opinion, hideous, a horrible blight on an otherwise beautiful area. And it's unlikely to "look better" as time wears on, we are stuck with it.

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