The Enterprise has been running brief historical notes about the history of the suffragist movement in Falmouth submitted by the League of Women Voters of Falmouth. The one on April 3 mentioned Mrs. Henry H. Craig. Readers interested in learning more about this valiant woman should consult the article in the summer issue of Spritsail, volume 6, number 2, “Mary Dodd Craig Showed Falmouth Women The Way” by Edgar Henry Craig and Mollie Craig Rice. Their article includes a photo of her as a member of the Wellesley College Class of 1898 basketball team!

The article on the 1918 influenza epidemic was both historic and timely. The photograph from the Museums on the Green showing nurse Ruth Newcomb visiting families in Falmouth, circa 1920, has a connection to a more-recent Spritsail article, this one in the summer 2019 issue, volume 33, number 2. It is an oral history by Irene Wright about her time with Ruth Newcomb as one of only two public health nurses. It is a vivid story of the early days of visiting nurses in this town. At least they had a Model T and didn’t have to bicycle everywhere, as the very first visiting nurse had to!

On April 10, The Enterprise ran an historic photograph of the Eastman Hardware Store from the Donald Fish collection on its editorial page. That photograph also appears in “Generations of Success From a Ten Dollar Bill,” an article that Kathy Sharp Frisbee wrote for Spritsail about Charlie Eastman himself, the growth of his hardware store, and the development of the Eastman Block. The caption for the photo reads,”Charlie Eastman and clerk at the counter of Eastman’s Hardware Store. Note the prodigious inventory of paints, pots and pans, tools, and bicycles, as well as the tin-pressed ceiling and hardwood floor.” It was taken in about 1918 and was offered for print by the courtesy of the Eastman family. It is in the Summer 1991 issue of Spritsail (volume 5, number 2).

Can’t get to the library? Spritsail is available on the website of the Woods Hole Historical Museum.

Judith G. Stetson

Quissett Avenue

Woods Hole

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