In response to the November 13 letters:

Agreed that it was sickening and disgusting. When an inflammatory opinion of a radical is voiced, the same is on all of us who stay silent; agreed. Join us as we stand in solidarity over the cowardly and appalling expressions of this kind. Amen.

Sad that whoever did it felt such a strong need to convey this message that they bought the doll, tore its head off. It is important for us to stand up to this hateful behavior and say, “This is not right. We don’t tolerate this here.”

Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself for holding up a fake, bloodied, severed head of President Trump! That’s what we are talking about here, right?

Justice needs to apply to all. It is not selective. Until we all get that, we stay divided in America.

Christopher R. Simmler

Walker Street


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