Thank you for the front page announcement of the “Never Again” vigil in last week’s Falmouth Enterprise.

Not many of us came to the village green on August 6 to stand in vigil against any more use of A bombs like the two bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. We also stand vigil in protest against any use of the far more powerful H bombs that America recklessly tested in Nevada and on Pacific islands after Japan had surrendered.

Not many of us are young. Olive Beverly is over 100. She and I have stood vigil on August 6 for most of the years since 1961. On August 6, 1961, we held our silent vigil in Hyannis: a few World Federalists holding a few signs on Main Street. A curious boy was hastily dragged away by his mother who told him that we were not good people.

It still surprises me how few people are horrified and terrified by our constant threats to use nuclear weapons and by our enthusiastic plans to develop even “better” nuclear weapons. It still surprises me how many people get very angry at protesters who dare to suggest that there are better, safer, much cheaper ways to protect America’s national security.

Judith G. Stetson

Quissett Avenue

Woods Hole

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Hurrah for these people who understand the danger posed by any use of nuclear weapons and try to keep us informed and thinking. However, in terms of lives saved, I'm sure "the bomb(s)" as used on Japan saved millions of Japanese and American lives by preventing the need for an Allied invasion of the Home Islands. To me, it's clear. To others. in may not be.

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