I strongly support the Falmouth Select Board’s unanimous decision to allow Mayflower Wind to conduct preliminary geotechnical surveys in their consideration of the location for a proposed landing of underground electric cable and a substation that would allow for clean, renewable-energy generated electricity from their offshore wind project to be delivered to consumers.

I have seen a flyer distributed in a limited way to the citizens of Falmouth that is in opposition to locating the cable landing and substation within Falmouth. I note that this flyer is filled with exaggerations and misconceptions. Given our collective experience from the past national election, I think that the time has come to consider factual, science-based evidence as to whether or not the cable or substation might be harmful to the town and its inhabitants.

As Mayflower Wind moves forward, it is important to consider the environmental and economic benefits that this offshore wind project would provide to the citizens of Falmouth. This includes providing a source of carbon-free power that when compared to alternative sources of electricity generation such as natural gas or worse, coal-burning power plants, directly addresses the need to reduce emissions in order to mitigate the human impact on climate change. In addition, the wind project, including the substation, will create construction jobs, support local small business activity, and provide the town with additional revenue during operation. Falmouth should consider ways that it could contribute to, and take advantage of, the development of a major source of clean and renewable energy that will be provided by the Mayflower Wind offshore wind project.

John Madsen

Hidden Village Road

West Falmouth

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I agree with John Madsen's oped in this weeks Entetprise. Falmouth should not stop MayFlower Wind from cautiously moving forward establishing a second wind farm off our shore. Vineyard wind is currently establishing data that should help us determine the risk/benefit of establishing wind farms of our coast line. These data should help determine the impact off shore wind has on all life forms. We should proceed driven by what the data reflects. Negative impacts should be addressed and minimized.

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