I don’t think I’m one of those people who sees the silver lining in every cloud. I’ve never been accused of being a Pollyanna. However, dealing with this savage, deadly virus, and all the restrictions on our lives, has allowed me an unexpected insight.

I no longer take those mundane chores necessary to keep a home running for granted. I look back fondly on the days when all I had to do to run errands was make sure I had my wallet and keys. Now any foray into the outside world requires strategizing: Where am I going? What do I need for this expedition? Gloves? Mask? Wipes? Hand sanitizer?

But the real upside of not taking things for granted is my awareness of the importance of those people who enable my world to keep running: the postman, sanitation workers, grocery store employees, shop owners and sales people, nurses, doctors, vets, medical assistants, really all those on the “front lines.” I am grateful that they come to work every day, at no small risk to themselves and their families. Even if they have to show up for work, they don’t have to be pleasant, friendly and helpful. But by and large they are.

These folks that I have interacted with routinely in the past, I have come to appreciate because they are doing their best in this terrible situation, with fortitude, grace and humor. We should all take the time to let them know we notice and are grateful.

Kathy Pett Ryman

Sam Turner Road

East Falmouth

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