People are what make our hometown so special, so unique—a place we proudly call home. This time of year we sit down with family to reflect on a whole calendar of days gone by and look forward to a new year fresh with possibility. It is also the time when we should remember that need is keenly felt by others, perhaps more so now with ever-present reminders that it is a season of light and abundance.

Today is the start to our annual Enterprise Community Fund drive, 100 percent of the proceeds of which go to the Falmouth Service Center, an organization that has proved itself time and time again a beacon of hope and progress, helping those who find themselves in need of a helping hand. Its programs extend well beyond providing food and we urge you to support our annual drive to bolster the truly worthy Falmouth Service Center mission.

With sky-high housing prices, the cost of living on the Cape has simply slipped out of reach of some, but with the help of their neighbors they can remain in the community they love. The need can be starkly visible, but often it is not. The simple fact of the matter is that a neighbor, a co-worker or a friend may be in need of assistance, especially in a time of higher prices and uncertainty.

While the service center houses the many great opportunities for members of the community, it is the staff, volunteers and donors—in short, the people—who make it work. That’s why we ask that you give something to help your neighbors this year and continue our great tradition to once again demonstrate what a truly special community we are all a part of. Our goal is $100,000, and, of course, every penny donated goes straight to the service center.

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