In preparation for the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany, a suggestion was made to close the main street, the Kaufingerstrasse, to automobiles for the duration of the Games. Of course many of the merchants complained that it would hurt sales, would reduce parking, and on and on. Forty-eight years later, the street is still a pedestrian-only roadway. It was so successful that many of the side streets also became pedestrian-only.

They realized that having hundreds of people walking by the merchants, looking in the window, was far more profitable than folks driving by.

Practically all cities, towns and villages in Europe have areas that are closed to autos, increasing the outdoor seating, shopping and walking.

This summer in Falmouth, it appears that restaurants will be limited as to the number of guests inside at any one time.

What a perfect opportunity to give closing Main Street, from the town hall parking lot to Shore Street extension, a chance. Allow restaurants to have outside seating in the street (nicely decorated) and retail shops to also have limited outside displays.

Time to think outside the box.

Russell E. Pelletier

King Street


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for sure we should give this idea a shot. I agree with this oped. Foot traffic: yes. ICE (internal combustion engine) traffic: no. Let's try it. Please


Unfortunately, rules have gotten in the way-what else? Probably be resolved by September.

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