Drivers coming off of Sandwich Road onto Carriage Shop Road, then onto Old Meeting House Road for some reason feel the urge to hit the gas pedal and drive like mad, over 45 miles per hour (it’s a 35-mph zone).

Passing a sign that says “blind person” and then if, God forbid, there is anyone getting their mail from their box, look out!

I have been so close, 12 inches, from getting sideswiped, and if you ever try and signal to “please slow down,” what do they do? They hit the gas and go faster.

It’s a straightaway toward the shortcut to East Falmouth and 28, and it’s not ever safe to even walk that street anymore.

The police department would have fun giving speeding tickets around here, as no one reads signs anymore.

Nancy Boston

Old Meeting House Road

East Falmouth

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