After attending the June 11 open meeting on the ongoing discussion regarding the drug treatment centers and sober houses located in Falmouth at this time, it is important to thank all involved in attempting to improve upon this town and national issue.

After listening to the “controlled presentation and responses to questions” asked of the panel, along with the manipulation of all data, it is obvious that Falmouth is more than doing its part to contribute to our community drug problem. Falmouth has one-tenth of all “registered” sober houses for the entire state. The number of uncertified houses that are not in the count brings the actual number closer to between 80 to 100.

Why does the bucolic little town of Falmouth need to be turned into the place to go for drug and alcohol treatment? Is it because the people that are the “ruling” class are sure that is what the rest of the people in the town wish for their community? I think that the expansion of treatment centers needs a closer legal look regarding zoning laws, treatment centers, housing laws, etcetera.

Molly A. Mattson-DiCecca

Gunning Point Road


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