While awaiting Mr. Suso’s expanded wind project disposition report, Town Meeting members (Falmouth taxpayers) should try and gain some context to the $2.5 million appropriation request.

Two Minnesota wind farms (Nobles Wind Farm and Palmer’s Creek Wind Farm), having comparably sized and dimensional turbines as Falmouth, submitted utility documents addressing decommissioning costs [internet available] to the requisite regulatory authorities. Projected in 2019 dollars, the cost is estimated at $410,000 to $532,000 per turbine (storage analysis not included). Costs were admittedly conservative by the project consultants, meaning that costs likely represent the high-end estimate of decommissioning.

The town’s consultant (Weston & Sampson) understandably has little expertise with wind turbine decommissioning budgets, since very few industry professionals have had hands-on experience decommissioning wind energy facilities. Yet, assuming storage costs contribute minimally to the total, how is it that the cost difference for turbine dismantling should vary so very much?

It’s an expensive question that deserves some explanation.

Mark J. Cool

Fire Tower Road

West Falmouth

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blowin smoke

The Nobles wind farm, which Mr. Cool suggests is “comparable” to Falmouth’s, has 134 turbines. Hence their decommissioning budget would have substantial economies of scale that don’t apply to Falmouth.


This is just the latest example from years of exaggeration and disinformation used to stoke controversy and anxiety around Falmouth’s wind turbines.


But the public isn’t easily fooled. All nine Falmouth precincts voted against funding turbine removal in May 2013, by an overall 2-1 margin. Unfortunately, selectmen lacked the courage to respect the voters mandate, and found it easier to appease a handful, leaving taxpayers with a $15 million burden.


Controlled Demolition: There are much cheaper options available such as the company that brought down the two 500 foot cooling towers at the Fall River power plant

Assuming you have the setbacks to fell the two (2) V-82 type 1.65 Megawatt units in Falmouth, Massachusetts in 2020, you would likely be talking about something between $70,000 and $100,000, depending on the actual configuration of the units and other variables. That is less than ¼ of what it would cost to dismantle the two (2) units in today'S dollars.

One hundred thousand dollars to put both on the ground!

How many more years does Falmouth Town Meeting have to be led down this road ? It's a failed project.

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