After having a lovely dinner in downtown Falmouth we drove home very cautiously in the rain tonight. Granted, pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks but they should not walk out without looking, especially at night in the rain.

We had two close encounters with pedestrians in dark clothing suddenly appearing in the street. We were going slowly so we were able to stop short in time. One person had a shopping cart. I’m not sure if they were at a crosswalk or not.

Daytime is not a problem downtown.

Drivers can see walkers on the curb at crosswalks and stop to allow them to cross at their own pace. It’s not so easy to see them at night, especially in the rain. Drivers aren’t the only ones who need to be extra careful at night downtown.

Frank Theofilakos

Antlers Shore Drive

East Falmouth

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at night and in the rain for some reason it is very hard to see while driving, a lot of glare from the store fronts with the wet road as another mirror, sounds like a simple thing to avoid but it still is hard to see.

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