With town hall closed in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I sent in my application for a shellfish license renewal on April 11. Because of my age, being considered high risk, I did not think it was wise or an absolute necessity to go out and search for a place to make a copy of my driver’s license as required. So I sent in my 2019 shellfish license along with my application, thinking this would be an acceptable substitute given the “stay at home” situation.

On May 23, I received my self-addressed, stamped envelope with no license and a reminder to send my driver’s license copy. What if I didn’t have a driver’s license? I have lived in Falmouth for over 50 years, am a registered voter, pay this town plenty in taxes and I have maintained a shellfish license for decades.

A little bit of common sense goes a long way; without it, you go backwards, especially in our current situation.

Steven A. Leaf

Waquoit Highway

East Falmouth

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