The Town of Falmouth forbids political signs on anything other than one’s private property (Town Code Chapter 184, Article IV, Section 34), but our decades-old law on the matter is being flagrantly ignored. Political signs are littering public roadsides everywhere you look. And it’s curious, and telling, that the prime violator of the law is Mr. Law and Order himself, Ron Beaty.

Mr. Beaty should not be using his inability to find residents willing to post his signs as an excuse to litter our roadsides. He should respect the law and remove his signs. If he refuses, the town should remove them.

David M. Prosten



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- Supreme Court Decision of 2016 pertaining to local political sign regulations -

According to the U.S. Supreme Court in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, local governments may no longer regulate a sign simply because it’s a campaign sign. Instead, under the Reed verdict, a sign regulation is presumptively unconstitutional if an agency has to read the sign to determine how it’s regulated.  Therefore, political signs cannot be more stringently regulated than other signs (with the exception of polling place proximity).

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