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To focus on the lost water views, whether “precious” or not, from Crane Street bridge in Woods Hole is indeed to ignore the much larger-scale obstruction of water views of Woods Hole Passage and Great Harbor that will result from the Steamship Authority’s proposed ferry terminal building design (editorial, July 5).

Swaths of water views from the Woods Hole Public Library, from the lawn and sitting wall across from the post office, from Woods Hole Road and sidewalks in the vicinity of the Challenger House, from Pie in the Sky, from Quicks Hole Tavern, and from many other familiar locations in Woods Hole Village will all be lost to the new terminal building. We learned this already last fall when a cherrypicker bucket, raised to the height of the new building’s upper corners, simulated the impact of the Steamship Authority’s proposed building on existing views and impending loss of water views.

If one seeks a sense of the Woods Hole ferry terminal’s architectural direction, one need only visit the Palmer Avenue parking lot of the Steamship Authority. Its new administrative office building on Palmer Avenue would appear to be a remarkably close cousin to the proposed design of the Woods Hole ferry terminal. The SSA went with the same Boston-based architectural firm for its Woods Hole building as for its new administrative offices. There has been no separate bidding process for the design of the Woods Hole ferry terminal building. Cape and islands architects never had a chance to share their own vision for Woods Hole Village.

Nathaniel S. Trumbull

Church Street

Woods Hole

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