My son goes to East Falmouth Elementary School and each morning the entire school says the Peacebuilders Pledge:

I am a peacebuilder,

I pledge:

  • to praise people
  • to give up put downs
  • to seek wise people as advisors and friends
  • to notice the hurts I have caused and make amends
  • to right wrongs
  • to help others

I will build peace at home, at school, and in my community and each day.

I think all the children in the elementary schools in Falmouth say this pledge. That’s approximately 1,300 or more children. These are beautiful words spoken from the heart about how to behave, build community and live in a town, a country, a world with one another.

I had to explain a few signs to my son that he saw that were posted about town from adults during the past few weeks and months as he was riding in the back seat of the car. He wants to understand why people can be so unkind. He wants an explanation of why peace isn’t fostered by our community, our neighbors, our country.

I explain how we are human and imperfect and can all be badly behaved.

I apologize and remind him that he can always be the change he wishes to see in the world. Don’t join the complaining and rude herd, I say. Stay over in peace and kindness and love. It’s the best way to take care of yourself, I tell him. It’s the best way to take care of each other, I remind him.

I am part of this shared common humanity and I believe we can all be peacebuilders.

Saramaria Allenby, Overlook Circle, Waquoit

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