I enjoyed your front-page article on the Crane house renovations on Juniper Point in the September issue of the Enterprise. It is fascinating that one of the 19th century grand estates has been saved and given a new lease on life. Evidently our current economy can support a renovation-on-spec for an asking price of $7.7 million.

On the same front page a second article on the apparent chronic leaks and mold growth in two of the Falmouth Housing Authority’s buildings housing 163 units was equally fascinating. That an anonymous complaint letter from tenants to the town health department was necessary to sound the alarm on potential dangerous and unsafe conditions is troubling.

Both articles were continued to, and shared the entire back page of the news section of the paper. This reader found it ironic that news of a high seven-figure property for sale was placed able the news that hundreds of Harborview and Tataket tenants are dealing with 50-year-old rotting copper plumbing throughout their homes.

By placing these two new stories together on the same page, your layout staff made me think harder about the disparities in housing and income we have in America and here in Falmouth.

Jonathan A. Smith

Ransom Road


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no one cares about a 7 million dollar property. I hope you bought it. We have people that can barely put food on the table right now and you want to talk about a fascinating piece of property that can be snagged for just 7 mil. Get over yourself. Maybe the housing authority should fix the senior housing apartments that have been decaying for decades. Put that 7 million into that Mr. Ransom Road

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