One of the cornerstones of Jay McMahon’s campaign for the Plymouth and Barnstable District State Senate seat is “Back the Blue,” or support for the police. He takes aim at his opponent, Susan Moran, suggesting that her association with Senator Edward Markey shows her disregard for police, and maintains that she would defund police departments.

Another cornerstone is a multipoint plan to reinvigorate the economy, which is based on deregulation and tax cuts. No great surprise there.

But his purported support for the police is stunning for its hypocrisy. Mr. McMahon has represented parties in multiple suits against police officers, a state trooper, a district attorney and a police chief.

In 1995 Mr. McMahon brought suit against the Town of Plymouth and three police officers, seeking monetary damages on behalf of an accused cocaine trafficker. He was unsuccessful.

He brought a suit against the Town of Orleans and seven police officers in 1997. The court ruled against him.

He brought suit against the Town of Wareham and three police officers in 1996 on half of a man who had violated a restraining order. That suit was dismissed.

This list goes on, and it is lengthy.

The cases were brought to court in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It could be that Mr. McMahon had a Dickensian epiphany and realized that, not only were the cases he accepted costing taxpayers a boatload of money, but that he had a moral imperative to turn down cases involving police.

It is not likely.

Mr. McMahon’s campaign staffer, when asked about the suits, pointed out that there were also cases in which he represented police officers. No doubt he did, but his actions do not cancel each other out. The fact remains that Mr. McMahon’s legal career is not a shining example of Back the Blue.

Mr. McMahon made choices. The cases he was involved in were civil actions; he could have turned any of them down.

His opponent is also an attorney, but nowhere will anyone find that she was involved in legal action against police officers or departments. And nowhere will anyone find that she has called for defunding police departments.

It should not be difficult to see who in this campaign truly Backs the Blue.

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He's a lawyer, what do you expect? I doubt if he sees anything wrong with what he did, like the lawyer who, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, elects to defend a mass murderer, saying "everyone deserves a fair trial".


Everyone does deserve a fair trial. That's literally how our legal system works. It's incumbent on the state to prove guilt, and if they don't, the defendant walks. So, if they evidence of their mass murder is overwhelming, they'll go to jail. It's still a defense attorney's job to provide their client a zealous defense. That doesn't mean they've done anything wrong; in fact they're doing exactly what their job requires. A career in legal aid counsel isn't exactly prestigious, and it won't make any one wealthy. The good ones do it in an attempt to make sure our legal system works equally for everyone, since that's, again, literally the point of it. Do you not think everyone deserves a fair trial?? That some people deserve to be steamrolled into conviction?? That's a pretty wild stance from someone who proports to support law and order. Since it's, you know, wildly illegal and patently unconstitutional.


So Jay Mcmahon's real motto is sue the blue. Thank you Enterprise for the truth.


Another deceptive Politician. Bet he thought his secrets were safe. Surprised Police did not figure this out on their own.


Ooopsy! Jay McMahon crossed way over the blue line on this one. Wonder how many rank and file he's duped? Pretty stupid IMO. Law enforcement are not the group of people to play games with or publicly embarrass. [ohmy]


This may be most important story The Enterprise has done. Next they need to look at McMahons military record.


This isn't a story, it's an opinion piece. Hence the word "editorial" in the headline. It contains factual information, but it's not a news story. Knowing the difference is extremely important. News stories provide the facts. Opinion pieces provide points of view.

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