There appears to be an increase in the amount of trash around town. We live in a beautiful area and after weekends such as the Fourth of July, the trash is ever more present. It is disappointing to see gallons of milk, pizza boxes, cans, and hundreds of empty nips on the roads and beaches.

I believe people recognize the importance of recycling and proper disposal of waste to keep our community clean. However, it does not appear that way.

Why are more people choosing to litter rather than recycle? Not all members of the community know the do’s and don’ts of recycling. As a result of this disconnect, many reusable products are misplaced. Republic Services offers “Recycling Simplified” on their web page for homeowners and businesses at There is more recycling information regarding content and schedules at

If recycling guidelines are understood there is potential for improvement. For example, in popular summer locations such as beaches and docks, there should be multiple waste bins providing visuals of what can and cannot be recycled.

The trash and recycle bins must be emptied frequently to prevent the trash from polluting the waterways and streets. In addition to community members doing their best to keep Falmouth clean, Republic Services needs to do their part. On Saturday, July 6, the recycling truck did not pick up recycling from many households, including mine in North Falmouth.

Homeowners continue to leave their overflowing bins curbside in hopes their bin will be emptied. Unfortunately, days often pass and the wind spreads recyclables throughout the streets.

Let’s all work to become better recyclers and reduce littering.

Madison M. Taylor

Willow Field Drive

North Falmouth

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We need to do a better job of taking care of our own recyclables rather than trying to pass them on to Asian countries, who are finally getting smart and refusing our trash. I agree, our roadsides are getting trashier and an informal survey revealed that a lot of the roadside trash is comprised of nip bottles, the most popular being Fireball bottles.

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