Every springtime I have a lot of crows in my back garden as well as in the trees. They are on their annual migration and stop off for worms and other insects. It is a bit like the movie “The Birds” with actress Tippy Hedren, who played the part of the girl named Marnie in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s wonderful films. As usual all of the birds such as blue jays, cardinals, red finches, yellow finches and sparrows and a couple of cowbirds had made their nests in my evergreens in the back garden and everything seemed fine. Even a couple of mourning doves made their yearly nest in one of my evergreen bushes in the driveway. The mourning doves have been around for several years and stay together. It was quite a sight to see the birds hurrying to feed their new hatchlings.

One particular day when the crows started flying into my garden, the trees seemed to sway from all of them waiting to fly to the ground to find food. All of a sudden a band of crows swooped down and flew into the mourning dove’s nest. The mother was screaming her head off, as these rogue birds destroyed her nest and took the newly hatched babies. I tried to send the birds away by hitting the bush, but it was no use. They then turned and and flew to my hanging baskets full with newly hatched finches. The babies were taken away by the rogues. Within seconds of this happening, there was a loud screaming from the mother and father birds as they tried to find their babies. It was so sad. I found robin eggs broken on the ground as well as larger eggs smashed with signs the fresh yolks had been eaten. All of the nests in the back garden were destroyed and the babies eaten. I found a couple of very small baby birds dead on the ground.

The rogue crows left as quickly as they arrived and flew in a different direction to the other crows.

The smaller birds did not come back in 2021, and I have only seen two blue jays and one bright red cardinal. You usually see blue jays and cardinals together in a garden. No yellow finches dipping and soaring as they fly in pairs.

I dread the thought of these rogue crows coming back in the springtime to ravage all of the small bird nests like last year, as we will not see the beautiful birds here on the Cape. It wasn’t fertilizer that killed them, as I have not had any on my property for a few years. We are seeing a change in the way these crows are behaving, and there is nothing we can do to stop them in the future as they destroy smaller bird nests and eat their hatchlings. Could it be climate change? I tried filling my bird feeder with seeds to try to entice the smaller birds back, but it remained untouched all summer. Very unusual.

Nanette Schell

Steven P. Wentworth Road

North Falmouth

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