With Great Appreciation

The election has come and gone, and history has repeated itself. What was “vowed” to become a priority, is now the furthest thing from the selectmen’s minds. Unfortunately, we are in a situation where the opioid epidemic needs to be dealt with in order for the fight for our veterans to begin. Why our veterans have not been a priority is beyond me.

How about purchasing the building next to the Morse Pond School to provide the care that our veterans need and deserve? The senior center is not sufficient to provide our veterans with substantial housing and the proper healthcare. I would be honored to volunteer my time to care for them. I appreciate our veterans.

As a community I am sure that we would all be proud to have our veterans next door to our children’s school. I am sure that would not be met with opposition. I am going to fight for them just like they did for us and just as my son is doing.

I am up for a good fight. I fought hard to raise my son. I cannot begin to explain how proud I am of him. My son held my hand as I fought my battle with addiction. He was my biggest supporter and he continues to be just that, as I am with him. I know he would want someone to fight for my life. That is the reason behind my passion and drive to help vulnerable individuals that are being used as pawns to assure that these landlords sit on fat wallets every day.

These individuals are not just “addicts.” They have people that love them and definitely deserve a chance to live a life with a clear mind. This epidemic has claimed the loss of countless individuals and the loss continues to rise on a daily basis. As these individuals lose their lives, the people that have fought for our lives are homeless and are left to get through life with debilitating health conditions while the rich get richer. There are no words to describe the pain and hurt that causes me.

I also know that Mr. Finneran would fight for our veterans, and not just make a promise. I am proud to have fought along with him during his campaign. I am proud to be able to call him a friend.

The people I consider friends are people that know how to keep it real, know what loyalty is, let alone respect. Mr. Finneran has all of those good qualities. Not many people would fight as hard as he has. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. The way he cares for his mother is admirable. He knows what hard work is and is not afraid to fight. Not many people are capable of amounting to half the man that he is. Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have him. What he has done is admirable and he has proven to us how much he loves his community. We truly appreciate everything, and I mean everything, that he has done.

Dianna T. Mota

Corte Real Avenue

East Falmouth

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