When does no mean no? When Article 3 failed to pass at January 2021 Town Meeting, Troy Clarkson and his committee should have looked elsewhere with a Plan B to place the Carousel of Light. None has ever appeared. Now, like the proverbial bad penny that always turns up, Article 32 is thrust upon Town Meeting again.

Mr. Clarkson and his committee continue to push the Mullen-Hall School hillside to permanently install the carousel. The space is a cramped and hidden location. I would urge every Town Meeting member who can to first look at the size of the ride and then walk down the narrow path to the proposed space. Once viewed, this merry-go-round should clearly not be located there. And, regardless of how the Falmouth School Committee votes and Select Board endorse, it is still school property and a private amusement does not belong there.

Teaticket Park is huge, with plenty of parking. It was once located at Marina Park on Scranton Avenue with open space and easy parking. Goodwill Park has space and parking. Mr. Clarkson and his committee have no clearly detailed arguments against using those sites. Simply because the carousel has been on the parking lot of Mullen-Hall School for years does not mean it must remain on those grounds.

The carousel is a beautiful piece of functioning art. It deserves to have a permanent home in a location visible to all.

Carol Ann Murphy

Bittersweet Road

East Falmouth

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Some people never take no for an answer. I think they often feel that "people just don't understand" but in this case, people DO understand and do not want the small pristine slice of property on Shiverick's Pond dramatically altered by the Carousel.

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