The Saturday July Series opened this year in June! Only six H-Class racers had their boats rigged and ready in time for the June 29 date, but these crews got their money’s worth. Two races were held, the first in gusty south-southwest winds and the second in somewhat more moderate conditions. The race committee wasn’t entirely ready for opening day either. Ted Burt, Mike Garfield Sr., Katy Tynan and Alden Burt were all set until they discovered that the anchor windlass could not be operated. No problem. The backup anchor was rigged in a jiffy and drop marks were placed for the two short courses to be held in the bight to the lee of Penzance Point.

The first race was a windward – leeward twice around affair that took a total of a little over twenty minutes to complete. Mike Garfield and daughter Emma jumped off to a great start and led wire to wire. With Mike’s steady hand on the tiller and Emma’s incredible spinnaker work, the rest of the fleet wallowed in their wake. Ted and Jancy edged out the “B” fleet which included some great racers, but no one could challenge Phoenix.

The second race was a different story. Crewless Tom First established an early lead and headed inshore on the initial windward leg, followed by everyone except Swizzle. Ted and Jancy Grayson sensed that better wind might be offshore but learned to their dismay that the breeze lightened and the chop remained toward the northern shore of Penzance. Meanwhile, the inshore group made a crowd at the windward mark before popping their chutes and reaching off to a jibe mark toward Gansett Point. At the leeward mark Tom First held a comfortable lead even though he was not allowed to fly a spinnaker because he was sailing solo. No matter. His second beat to the windward mark and final fun to the finish was a celebration of H-Class speed.

Race #1

1. Phoenix, Mike & Emma Garfield 23:42

2. Swizzle, Ted & Jancy Grayson 24:16

3. Olivia, Tom First 24:21

4. Found It, Mort Saunders & Ellen Mecray 24:26

5. Sea Breeze, Steve & Jeremy Chalmers 26:30

6. Bubbles, Scotty & Sheila Gordon 27:27

Race #2

1. Olivia, Tom First 26:54

2. Found It, Mort Saunders & Ellen Mecray 28:03

3. Sea Breeze, Steve & Jeremy Chalmers 28:20

4. Phoenix, Mike & Emma Garfield 28:26

5. Swizzle, Ted & Jancy Grayson 28:34

6. Bubbles, Scottie & Sheila Gordon 29:21

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