The Wednesday evening Race Committee of Sam Broadhurst, Bene Webster, Ed Jackson, Martha Adams, Molly Jones and Doug Jones was delighted to find a steady 8– to 10-knot wind blowing from the east-southeast. With 11 boats making their way out of the harbor, the Race Committee was inspired by the wind direction to post a course of east-southeast (with the finish at the end of the last upwind leg). With a port-favored starting line, the fleet spread out along the line with Tom First in Olivia at the pin end, Chuck First in Allie Rose at the middle, and Mike Garfield in Phoenix closer to the committee boat. The entire fleet was within five seconds of the starting line and soon spread out to find clear air and helping lifts and puffs.

Phoenix was the first boat to reach the windward mark, followed closely by Olivia, Charlotte and Weatherly Dorris in Pani Baba, and Ted Grayson and Eric Eggleson in Swizzle. Sailing solo, Phoenix and Olivia were prohibited from flying spinnakers on the following run, and excellent spinnaker work about Swizzle and Pani Baba allowed them to take the lead by the time they returned to the starting mark. While Swizzle headed off on port, Pani Baba and Phoenix quickly tacked over to starboard, looking for clear air and a steadier breeze off Racing Beach. Phoenix was able to work her way into the lead and adeptly covered the fleet for the rest of the upwind leg. Allie Rose sailed a brilliant final upwind leg and moved into third position just ahead of Alec Clowes and Jolyn Chomsky in Due Diligence and Ali Rodin and Steve Chalmers in Sea Breeze.

1. Phoenix, Mike Chalmers, 35:29

2. Pani Baba, Charlotte and Weatherly Dorris, 36:14

3. Allie Rose, Chuck First and Susan Levesque, 37:17

4. Due Diligence, Alec Clowes and Jolyn Chomsky, 37:22

5. Sea Breeze, Ali Rodin and Steve Chalmers, 37:30

6. Swizzle, Ted Grayson and Eric Eggleson, 38:10

7. Olivia, Tom First, 39:02

8. Found It, Mort and Edmond Saunders, 40:21

9. Chez Nous, Susan Levesque and Nancy Copley, 41:02

10. Penguin, Randy Evans, 41:04

11. Bubbles, Scotty and Sheila Gordon, 44:35 (started eight minutes late)

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