With the recent spate of heavy winds, the Quissett Race Committee of PK Simonds (WHYC visitor), Ed Jackson, Martha Adams, and Doug Jones was faced with the task of replacing three marks before the start of the second race of the Quissett Yacht Club August Wednesday series.

In the first race of the series, the first four boats finished within 30 seconds of each other, and the competition on the second series looked to be just as fierce as thirteen boats vied for position along the starting line. The wind was blowing a steady 8-10 knots from the northeast so the Race Committee dropped two temporary marks (putting mark tender Ed Jackson through his paces) and set an I2 course involving three upwind legs (one long and two short) and two long downwind legs.

The tight starting line had the fleet bunched close together with many boats arriving a few seconds too early and were forced to bear off down the line. The start was extremely exciting with Lily and Weatherly Dorris in Pani Baba and Ali Rodin and Steve Chalmers in Sea Breeze just inches from the line at the starting gun. Tom First in Olivia timed a perfect start at the boat flying full speed and with seemingly clear air; however, Olivia was soon forced to tack over to avoid the wind wash of the fleet ahead of him.

This choice proved to be advantageous as Olivia rounded the windward mark first, closely followed by Mike Garfield in Phoenix and Pani Baba whose skipper Lily Dorris was on the water for the first time in 11 months taking a brief respite from the mountains of Colorado. Brilliant spinnaker work aboard Pani Baba allowed her to move into second while Olivia demonstrated great downwind skill and maintained a lead despite the single-handed prohibition on flying a spinnaker.

During the long beat to windward, Olivia initially chose to over Phoenix and Pani Baba as they tested the winds offshore, but soon Olivia opted for the inshore route that had worked so well on the first leg. Meanwhile, Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khomky in Due Diligence had worked their way up the fleet after a rather disappointing start and rode the puffs and lifts of the middle of the course arriving at the windward mark a few seconds ahead of Phoenix and Olivia. Jolynn’s spectacular spinnaker worked helped Due Diligence stretch out her lead on the long downwind leg as the nearest chasers had to accept the advantage of having a crew aboard. On the final upwind leg, Due Diligence carefully and conservatively covered the fleet, allowing the margin of victory to diminish but ultimately ensuring their second win in a row.

1. Due Diligence, Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khomky 47:53

2 Olivia, Tom First 48:16

3. Phoenix, Mike Garfield 48:44

4. Pani Baba, Lily and Weatherly Dorris 49:03

5. Sea Breeze, Ali Rodin and Steve Chalmers 49:06

6. Allie Rose, Chuck First and Doug Cooper 50:06

7. Found It, Mort Saunders and Kristen Karplus 40:49

8. Bubbles, Sheila Gordon and Charlotte Dorris 51:43

9. Penguin, Randy Evans 53:14

10. Moxie, Tom Tullius 53:52

11. Dory Too, Nina Hocker and Linda Onthank 54:29

12. Glroious, Teresa Durocher and Randy Ferrero 57:24

13. Chez Nous, Bernie Levesque and Nancy Copley 1:00:20

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