The evening of July 10 presented a near perfect night on the waters of Buzzards Bay. The wind blowing 8-10 knots from the southwest created a nice respite from the warmth of the day, and the prospect of the first post-race dinner of the summer lured eight boats onto the race course.

Principal Race Officer in Training Molly Jones chose a Gold Cup course for this gorgeous evening and dropped a windward mark ½-mile upwind of the starting mark. The race committee of Molly Jones, Doug Jones, Ed Jackson, Martha Adams, Annie Dean and Hornblower Hunter Grayson set a port-favored starting line in order to spread the fleet out along the starting line. Ted Grayson in Swizzle and Steve Chalmers and Carol Chalmers Norton in Sea Breeze approached the line a little too early and with too much speed and found themselves on the course side of the line at the starting signal and were forced to return to the start. Charlotte and Weatherly Dorris in Pani Baba and Mike Garfield in Phoenix quickly determined that the inshore wind was preferable and hugged the Gansett shore. Pani Baba was first to the windward mark with Phoenix only a short distance behind. However, since Mike was sailing singlehanded the QYC class rules prohibited him from flying a spinnaker (perhaps this rule will soon be reconsidered), Pani Baba quickly took advantage of her increased sail area and built a substantial lead on the next two reaches. By the time the fleet had reached the windward mark, Swizzle and Sea Breeze had made up their lost time and were quickly moving on the back of the fleet.

After rounding the leeward mark, Pani Baba stayed on the port tack while Phoenix tacked to starboard immediately once again seeking the favorable inshore breeze. This moved proved to be quite fortuitous as Phoenix greatly diminished Pani Baba’s lead. At the windward mark, Phoenix had grabbed a slight lead but Pani Baba was able to establish an inside overlap and gain rounding rights. As the two boats bore off for the run to the finish, Phoenix briefly blanketed Pani Baba’s sails, but the spinnaker advantage appeared to be too great and and Pani Baba cruised to a thirty second victory. Swizzle showed remarkable perseverance and incredible boat speed by overcoming a premature start and grabbing a well deserved third place finish.

1. Pani Baba Charlotte and Weatherly Dorris 39:22

2. Phoenix Mike Garfield 39:55

3. Swizzle Ted Grayson and Eric Eggleson 41:28

4. Found It Mort Saunders and Kristen Karplus 42:37

5. Allie Rose Chuck First 42:55

6. Dory Too Nina Hocker and Linda Onthank 43:51

7. Sea Breeze Steve Chalmers and Carol Chalmers Norton 44:37

8. Solaya Bonnie Simon and Marcia Due 48:45

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