Coming Through

Falmouth High freshman Avery Johnsen gets a step on the Barnstable defense. Johnsen scored the go-ahead goal in the Clippers’ 3-1 win.

Having lost a tough one on the road last Friday to its rival from Sandwich, the Falmouth High School field hockey team was committed to the prospect of moving on and was able to do that on Wednesday, October 14, against its other big rival, Barnstable. Falmouth scored twice in the fourth quarter to secure a 3-1 win over BHS and accomplish what it had set out to do.

“I told the girls that the past is the past and we had to look at today as the start of our new season,” coach Courtney Lima said. “They came out in the first quarter and we looked great. We made all of the adjustments, we were using the space—which is something I’m trying to encourage them to do—and we just had a couple of lapses...if we had played the way that we did in the fourth quarter the whole game I’m not sure (how much we would have won by).”

Falmouth was led by a couple of youngsters. Sophomore Natalie Bosselman had two goals, the first time she has scored more than one in a game, and freshman Avery Johnsen had one goal. Both scored in the fourth quarter to put the game in the win column for FHS.

Johnsen may never forget the goal she scored, because it was certainly unique. The rookie, who has at least one point in every game that the Clippers have played, was awarded a penalty stroke with 9:42 left to play.

She took it and missed, with her shot flying high and wide.

The referee then noticed that she had made a blunder. The ref had put the ball in the wrong spot for Johnsen to shoot from, having moved it about five yards farther back than the norm. She did the right thing and reset the play, putting Johnsen back on the line, this time in the right spot.

The second try was true. Johnsen chose the same type of shot, but from the closer spot it easily found its way inside the corner of the net to put her team ahead, 2-1.

Moments later Bosselman got her second. With Falmouth charging hard up the wing, the sophomore got the ball from midfield and ran up the side inside the circle. She surveyed the field in front of her and thought about passing it, until she noticed a lot of daylight to shoot at.

“I look up and I see the empty net and I thought, maybe if I shoot it someone will deflect it, so I shot it and the goalie turned around and was like, ‘What?,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, okay!’” Bosselman said.

The BHS keeper did not expect the bid to come from the perimeter and she watched in horror as Bosselman’s shot beat her to the near side.

Bosselman said it was fun to score more than once, and that she hopes to have it happen again. She also said she was very excited to see her team perform as well as it did in the fourth quarter.

“We definitely got better at communicating. We all knew where our heads were and we knew that we had to put in extra effort. Everybody stepped up. We had talked about recovering (on defense), and everyone did that. Everyone did their best, and it really was our best quarter,” she said.

Bosselman’s first goal of the game, which was set up by Katie Shanahan, came in the first quarter. Barnstable took advantage of a defensive lull and tied it up a bit later. That set the stage for the exciting finish.

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