Last week Falmouth High School handed out its winter sports awards at a ceremony at FHS. The following is a list of each program’s awards.

Varsity Boys Ice Hockey: All-stars were: Nick Champani, Jake McKenzie, Stone Devlin, Kyle Souza and Tommy Peterson. Daren McDonald received honorable mention. The Cape and Islands League Sportsmanship Award winner was James Marathas. Coaches awards went to North Wilson and James Marathas.

JV Boys’ Ice Hockey: Coaches awards went to Jack Houghton, James Driscoll and James Walden. Connor Hennigan won the Cape and Islands League Sportsmanship Award.

Girls’ Ice Hockey: All-stars were: Sam McKenzie, Cate Brodie, Ryann McDonald, and Meg Azzato. Katie Shanahan received honorable mention. Coaches awards went to Caitlin O’Malley, Brianna Waggett and Kyleigh Waggett. Brianna Waggett also won the Sportsmanship award.

Varsity Boys’ Basketball: Charlie Dowick was the team’s lone all-star, while Gerald Mahoney and Timmy Lang each received honorable mention. Gio Borgese won the Sportsmanship award. Coaches awards went to Michael Rose and Timmy Lang.

Junior varsity boys’ basketball: The league Sportsmanship award went to Mitch Comstock. Coaches awards went to: Lucci Borgese, Jackson Scarpellini and Vincent Duffany.

Freshman Boys Basketball: Marcus Cardoza won the league Sportmanship award. Coaches awards went to: Brendan Mahoney, Kiefer Ryan and Elijah Gomes.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball: League all-stars were: Kayla Thomas, Ariana Silvia, and Lily Craft. Anya Thomas was honorable mention. Emily Nelson won the Sportmanship award. Coaches awards went to: Lindsey Oliveira, Anna Fernandez and Ava Warner.

JV Girls’ Basketball: Julia Roman won the Sportsmanship award. Coaches awards went to: Emma Meehan, Kassia Jablecki and Emma Munroe.

Gymnastics: Casey Baumann earned a spot on the all-star team, and Molly LeBrun won the Sportsmanship award. Coaches awards went to: Casey Baumann, Molly LeBrun and Shu-tong Murray.

Boys’ Track: League all-stars were: Marvell Nichoslon, Ethan Harper and Kyle Gaudreault. Coleby Andrade won the Sportsmanship award. Coaches Awards went to: Kyle Gaudreault and Coleby Andrade.

Girls’ Track: Abby Chorches, Petrashea Johnson and Colleen Caswell all were named to the all-star team. Marlayna Leocadio was honorable mention and Katelynn McCay won the Sportsmanship award. Coaches awards went to: Colleen Caswell and Marlayna Leocadio.

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