The first race was a W course. Before the race the pin was moved upwind because a wind shift had made the Race Committe end highly favored. Since there was no mark boat, Maelstrom, helmed by Rocky Geyer (head of the race committee) came alongside the pin, pulled up the anchor, and moved it into a better position. Talk about multi-tasking. The resulting pin end favor caused a convergence of boats there at the start. The upwind current strongly saw boats fight to stay below the line and with each other for position. The boats split, with Nimble on the left trying to stay with Maelstrom. At the rounding Maelstrom led, with Nimble, Molly T and Last Call rounding together. Molly with Averill Bromfield at the helm approached on port and tacked under the other two at the last moment, and the strong ebb tide going west opened up space for them to pass inside without fouling. There was a bit of shouting and warning, but all was clear. After the mark the boats diverged across the course right from the rounding. Some boats jibed and some sailed the leg entirely on starboard, digging into the current. The tide direction increased the apparent wind on the runs, but any gains in boat speed seemed more the offset by the 2-knot-or-greater adverse current, and the power boat wakes bounced the Sonars around to steal momentum and disturb the airflow. Good spinnaker runs for all boats with no serious wraps or challenges. The order of finish was Maelstrom (Rocky Geyer), Nimble (Jack Valle), Molly T, Last Call (Joe Voci), Swift (Chris Land) and Easy (Bob Silva).

The second race was a W2—upwind, then downwind legs, two laps and saw a general recall. Of course the two boats not over were disappointed. In fact they were so far down the course with the current, they didn’t get back to the line at the 5 minute horn. The restart, with the fierce current, saw Last Call and Maelstrom over early, although due to the angle, they never spotted the flag they needed to see on the Race Coommittee boat, and continued racing. Maelstrom, with the wind and speed advantage at the start, led the field around all for naught. They went left with Nimble and Swift with these three moving ahead. After the first downwind run, in a group of boats simultaneously, each in short order, dousing, jibing, turning the mark, Molly T with Meghan Girard skippering found themselves inside of all but inches short of an overlap (and shouts of “no rights, no rights, Josh”) with Swift, and had to bail out to do a circle left of the mark and round behind the group. The boats diverged on the next leg, with time gaps developing in the slightly shifty conditions having little pockets of no breeze. The last pin saw the boats again spread out across the course on differing heading, with no clear advantages. Two close boats, Easy and Molly T were neck-and-neck for a long while, Easy taking breeze from Molly T and overtaking, with Molly T taking them up and then quickly breaking away and jibing, but the current meant that the boats remained side by side going deep downwind, Easy to the right (leeward) crossing a few feet ahead (one second behind). The order of finish was Nimble, Swift, Easy, Molly T.

The third race (W2) saw some tight crossing on the first beat, with Easy having a great full speed start at the pin end with Maelstrom on her starboard hip. Maelstrom pointed higher and was able to gain the lead by the windward rounding. The racers again spread out trying to navigate the strong current and fairly light winds. Molly T (Josh Tolkoff) was happier with their speed and tactics than in race two, while Swift had the opposite change of fortune. Maelstrom again made the right moves to stay in front after working to get there. Nimble was behind Molly T and slightly above in the last run, and they elected to sail higher and faster, then jybe to port and hope to cross Molly T. This resulted in a solid one minute lost, proving that the complex geometry of wind, course and current directions favored a deep run on starboard. The finish order was Maelstrom, Easy, Molly T, Nimble, Last Call and Swift. The boats came into the channel with spinnakers up, a great sight from the Falmouth Yacht Club.

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