Falmouth High JV Girls Soccer Team

The Falmouth High School girls’ junior varsity soccer team completed an undefeated season in which the team allowed just a single goal against in seven games.

Way back in 1986 a one-hit wonder band named Timbuk 3 released a song that still collects them royalties and is the only song in their catalogue that most people know. The lyrics were inspired, and catchy, and still get tossed about these days when people look forward to brighter days ahead.

“Things are going great, and they’re only getting better,

I’m doing all right, getting good grades,

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

Falmouth High School girls’ varsity soccer coach Cory Dubuque may want to invest in some new Ray-bans. The junior varsity team, which has a host of players ready to step up to the varsity level for next year’s team, recently completed an undefeated season and has players on every level of the field that can help the varsity Clippers to great heights in the future.

JV head coach Brittany Carlson said she completely enjoyed her team’s 5-0-2 season. The second-year coach, whose team was 10-5 a year earlier when it played a normal-length season, said the collection of talent on the junior varsity is excellent and ready for the next rung on the ladder. “[Dubuque] could take up my starting 11 and put them on varsity. He’s got a lot talent waiting to come up. It’s exciting,” she said.

Two of those players already made the jump to the higher level late in the year and showed that they are indeed ready for the varsity level. Goalie Julia Roman, a sophomore, started three varsity games and picked up a pair of wins for the Clippers late in the year. She posted two shutouts at the varsity level and also had six in the JV ranks this year. In seven games she was scored upon just once for the JV. “She’s quick and she reads the ball so well,” Carlson said.

Teagan Lind, a freshman, was the other JV player to make the leap to varsity and make an impact. From the first game that Lind played for the varsity team this year it was obvious that the team was better when she was on the field. Lind, a sweeper for the JV club, is long and quick and was responsible for wiping out numerous opposition rushes during the season. “She was our eraser. A play would develop and she’d just be taking away the breaks,” Carlson said.

Kassia Jablecki, another sophomore, did not get the callup this year, but Carlson said she thought that she might. A captain on the squad and vocal leader, Jablecki had a very strong year on the back end and should be shoring up the defense for the varsity next year.

Sophomore Alanna Hughen was a strong outside fullback for the team. She is a strong decisionmaker and goes hard. Erin Murphy and Abigail Fernandez both saw a lot of time in the other outside fullback spot. Murphy is a very physical player who will benefit greatly from a return to regular soccer rules next year. Fernandez is a skilled player with a great right foot who was able to set up several goals with nice volleys into the box.

The deep team had several other girls that saw time in the back end. Sophomores Morgan Cusolito and Naya Furey and freshmen Anna Bennett and Abigail Dunn brought depth to a strong part of the team and did their jobs well.

In the midfield, the Clippers had a solid starting group that led the way. The outside midfielders were sophomores Rachel Larsen and Gretta Oberacker. Coach Carlson credited the duo for their consistent play and ability to make smart decisions on a regular basis, and help pace the offense.

On the outside, freshmen Eleanor Ralston and Aubrey Costa played like more-experienced players. Both were big parts of the offense and showed “super-aggressive” styles on the field.

Stacked at that part of the field, the team got support from a number of others. Sophomore Chloe Champani and freshmen Isabella Correia, Alanna Geraghty, Gemma Naughton and Lili Zac were all good additions to the team. Carlson said each impacted the team’s undefeated season with their own contributions.

A pair of best friends helped pace the team on the forward line while leading the team in scoring. The duo of Tatum Cox and Allison Underhill, both sophomores, combined to score 11 goals in just seven games. Cox, who led the team with six, and Underhill, who had 5, had what Carlson referred to as a “best friend connection.” “They knew what the other was going to do before she did it,” the coach explained.

Leah Forys, a freshman, made friends with her play. The rookie scored two goals this year, one of which was a perfect display of everything that she brings to the table. The team’s fastest player put one on the highlight reel by outrunning everyone on the other side and dribbling around the keeper to tuck away a pretty score.

“This was a fun year. They’re a good team. They play so well together and in synch with one another,” Carlson said.

The future indeed seems bright. Time for a trip to Sunglass Hut.

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