Falmouth High's Stone Devlin

Stone Devlin made an impression the first time he suited up for the Falmouth High School boys’ ice hockey team. Back then he was a third-line forward with a nonstop motor who brought energy to the ice every time he touched it.

Over the years the senior captain has developed into a dynamic two-way player who is on the cusp of reaching the 100-point total for his career. Entering play on Wednesday evening he needed just six more points, with at least four games to go, to get to the milestone.

The son of Lisa and Jeff Devlin is not only a standout hockey player, but also a man of the sea. He lives for fishing, and said his tuna rods are his most-prized possessions. In school he enjoys history class the most. His go-to meal is chicken Parm with lemonade, and cookies for dessert. “South Park” is his favorite TV show and the all-star said that Luke Combs is his favorite recording artist.

How did you get involved with hockey? How much do you enjoy it?

My dad took me to the bogs when I was 2 and I started skating with a crate. I did learn to skate at 4, then started Falmouth Youth Hockey. I have always enjoyed it very much and love to play every game.

Describe your feelings when you found out that you were going to get to play a senior season this year after the spring sports were canceled.

I was excited to be able to play my senior year. I was glad that with everything going on I still had a chance to play. I was looking forward to another fun year with my teammates, and it provided some hope of normalcy during the pandemic

Usually at this time of year the Clippers would be getting ready for the Ferreira Classic, and then the state tournament. As a captain, how will you motivate your team to focus on winning the Cape and Islands League tournament instead?

It is a different type of season, but we are just as motivated to win. I am staying on the boys, making sure everyone is playing hard, having good practices. We are coming in ready to win.

You still have a chance to join the exclusive 100-point club (100 career points). How important is that to you?

It would be a great accomplishment, but it’s not my sole focus at all. As I said, it’s a different kind of season, so the focus is to win games and have fun.

What do you think a scouting report would say about you?

I think the first thing a scouting report would say about me is I am a dangerous player, with the ability to make big plays at crucial moments. I am always a threat when I am on the ice. I have great speed as well as good vision.

If you could replay one game that you have played in, which one would it be? Why?

It would have to be the Barnstable away game in 2020. The environment in the rink was electric; the Barn was packed. There were 2,000 fans there. It is the best high school rivalry in the state, and is always a big game. I scored two tying goals, which brought the team to an OT win.

What do you consider the highlight of your athletic career so far?

There is nothing that is really specific. I have been lucky throughout the years to play on a lot of really good club teams, tournament teams and my high school team. I have had great teammates and coaches who have supported me, and have made many memories that can all be considered highlights.

Who is the best teammate that you’ve ever played with? What makes that person stand out?

Nick Champani. He was a playmaker, leader, friend on and off the ice. I had a great time playing with him for three of my high school seasons.

Do you have any sports-related superstitions? If so, what are they?

My pregame superstitions are getting my coffee before every game. And, listening to the same music playlist. Also, I wear the same long-sleeved shirt during every game.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from playing sports?

The most important thing that I have learned from sports is how to be a good leader. Being a captain for two years on the team, I have had a lot of experience in a leadership role. I have been there on and off the ice for all my teammates throughout the last four years, and learned a lot about what it takes to be a good leader.

Was there anything that you accomplished or worked on improving during quarantine that you’re proud of?

With all the extra time I used it to spend a lot of time fishing and hunting with my friends. I also bought a pair of rollerblades and played a lot of street hockey over the spring and summer.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

My parents and my sisters for being there for me through everything. Also my coaches and my teammates for making my high school hockey career an experience that I will never forget.

What’s the biggest difference between you as a senior and as a freshman? If you could go back, what advice would you give to your freshman self?

Definitely my size and confidence. As a freshman I was small and matched up with bigger, more physically mature players. Also my confidence has grown throughout my four years of playing high school hockey, making me the player that I am today.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

I spend almost all of my free time hunting and fishing. I love fishing, it has been a passion of mine since I was very young. Now I enjoy fishing commercially for giant bluefin tuna, and was able to catch five of them this past summer.

Describe your idea of the perfect day.

My idea of the perfect day would be to wake up early, before sunrise, and head out fishing with my buddy Gunnar, who has been one of my best friends since before I can remember. And we would spend the whole day out on the water enjoying the fishing that Cape Cod has to offer.

What are your post-high school plans?

I will be attending Bridgton Academy next year to play hockey. Then, after that I hope to play college hockey.

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