Pani Baba wire to wire!

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the Quissett Race Committee of Molly Jones, Kate Neubauer, Sam McMurtrie, Jr. and Doug Jones were delighted to see five boats come out of the harbor for the Mary Chute McMurtrie trophy for ladies 35 and over.

With the wind blowing a steady 12-15 knots from the Northeast, the Race Committee opted to set the starting line just off Knob Cove beach to allow for kinder sailing conditions and a solid beat to the mark off Racing Beach.

Unfortunately, only two of the boats sailing out of the harbor were coming out to race and the Race Committee spent considerable time lamenting the fact that the harbor hosts more than 40 eligible boats, but far fewer compete on any given day.

Weatherly Dorris and Charity Gray in Pani Baba and Sheila and Scotty Gordon in Bubbles were treated to a beautiful afternoon of sailing under spectacular conditions. Both boats had well-timed starts within two seconds of the line with Pani Baba holding a slight lead but Bubbles having the favored windward position. Eventually Pani Baba was able to pinch to windward and forced Bubbles to take away. Despite Bubbles’ best efforts, she was unable to break away from Pani Baba’s close cover, and Pani Baba extended her lead throughout the race. The final run to the finish demonstrated some superior spinnaker work from both boats, and perhaps showed why the rest of the Quissett ladies were too intimidated to compete for this fine trophy.

1. Pani Baba Weatherly Dorris and Charity Gray 1:07:12

2. Bubbles Sheila and Scotty Gordon 1:10:36

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