It was a pretty good day for the Gartner family on July 6 in North Falmouth. The Falmouth residents dominated the standings at the 42nd annual Paul White Road Race with 16-year-old Caleb Gartner taking first place overall at the 5K race with a time of 26 minutes and four seconds.

Gartner, who attends the Middlesex School, won the race by 23 seconds. Teddy Farley of Acton was second overall in 26:27.

Caleb’s first-place finish began a great day for his family. His father, Ken Gartner, was first in the 50-59 age group, and ninth overall, with a time of 30:48. Twin brothers Silas and Nathan Gartner were first and second, respectively, in the 11-and-under age group. Silas ran 34:07, and Nathan finished in 35:20.

Falmouth’s Tom Giardino was third overall in 28:39. Chris Benestad of East Falmouth was fourth in 28:47, and Rowan Davis of Falmouth rounded out the top five in 28:51.

Stassia Sichko of Los Angeles, California, was the women’s champion this year. The Californian ran a time of 31:48. She was also the 14th overall finisher. Julianna Coughlin of Falmouth placed second in the women’s category and ran a time of 32:15. She was 17th overall.

Suzy Macero of Wakefield was the third woman, with a time of 33:22. Katrina Davidson of Natick was fourth in 33:50, and Virgynia Muma of North Falmouth was the fifth women’s finisher, running 33:56.

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