Falmouth Mites 6, Carver 30

Michael Jackson Turner set the tone for his team with big hit on the game’s opening kickoff. The front four on defense—Carlton Hendricks, Sean Pierce, Jackson Thomas and Collin North—came up with stop after stop in the backfield.

James Morris ran in for a 10-yard touchdown after quarterback Devon Demiranda and wide receiver Landen Merrifield hooked up for a couple of 15-yard catch and runs. The rest of the defense was solid. Falmouth’s offense kept up a good rhythm for the entire game. Carver’s second-half push put two more touchdowns on the scoreboard and sealed the deal for them to win the game.

Falmouth Peewees 28, Carver 20

Falmouth Peewees have talked the talk and continued to do so after last year’s championship. In the season opener they were able to post a total-team win with Domenic DeMiranda and Sebastian Lavery Van Parijs pounding Carver with punishing run after run. Demirinda led Falmouth with more than 120 yards on the ground, and another 50 receiving. DeMiranda scored a touchdown and had a pair of two-point conversions.

Chris Bartolomei took advantage of the defense and threw three touchdown passes, two of which went to Adam Byron. The other was hauled in by the sure hands of Aiden McAuliffe. Byron also caught a point after. Bartolomei finished with more than 150 yards passing.

Nate Byron, Van Parijs, Quinn Dillon, Brenden Andrade and Jacoby Drolette led the defense.

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