Baseball was a big part of Falmouth High School senior Lucas A. Johnsen's high school years.

Playing on the team as a freshman was a struggle, Lucas said, but once he was older and playing varsity with more experienced players, he settled into the sport and the camaraderie and friendships that came with it.

"I have made lifelong friends. We have a good bond," he said.

A highlight of Lucas's baseball career was his junior year when he initially did not think he would get much playing time but ended up playing pitcher much of the time.

"People were happy that I was on the team," he said.

Lucas's favorite academic subjects were math and English, he said.

"I am a good writer, and I like to speak my mind and free-writing," he said.

Speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucas said it was difficult not to go back to school this spring. He knew the baseball season would be canceled for the rest of the year, but he was most upset about missing his friends.

"Of course, I missed baseball too," he said.

Lucas will go to Framingham State University next year to study computer science and play baseball.

"I'm excited for next year and what the next four years will bring," he said.

For helping him succeed, Lucas said he would like to thank his mother and father, Tara Marden and Carl Johnsen; his sister, Avery Johnsen; and his brothers, Noah Johnsen and Cole Johnsen.

He would like to thank his coaches, Josh Oliver and Tom Farmer; and his lifelong teammates since childhood, Max McDonald and Sam Griesbauer.

In five years, after graduating from college, Lucas hopes to live on one coast or the other, perhaps in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida or California, he said.

He will see where baseball takes him, but for now he believes that studying and getting "a real job in the real world" will be more beneficial than pursuing baseball after college.

"I might like to go into online security," he said.

"Lucas is one of those kids who has talent, has intellect, but is very modest and never needed to showcase that to feel good about himself. He has shown, especially over the last few years, that he has a quiet sense of self-assurance and understanding of who he is," Falmouth High School guidance counselor Susannah Brooks said. "He has a great sense of humor, he has a great deal of ability both on the baseball field and in the classroom, and he is very ready to move on to the college level. We wish him the best."

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