Throughout his years at Falmouth High School, Nathan K. Anderson played tenor drums in the marching band.

"Marching band has been pretty important to me," he said.

Two spring band concerts were canceled when school closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It is really sad missing the concerts, but it was fun to learn the music and connect with my peers in preparation for them," Nathan said.

In academics, Nathan said that forensic science was one of the "most fun and unique classes" he has ever taken.

"It was super-cool, and the teacher [Cheryl Milliken] was amazing," Nathan said. "I learned about things I've never learned before, like fingerprints and the steps involved in solving a crime—things you would never know unless you were in the business. You can see the process behind the scenes, how things are figured out."

Science is Nathan's biggest interest, and next year he will take classes at Cape Cod Community College in health science.

"I will miss the school staff most. They gave me so much support, so much love. From the English teacher to the school nurse to the assistant principal—they helped me with anything I needed. I could go to the nurse even if I wasn't injured and she would help me with whatever I needed," he said. "Teachers I didn't have in class would know my name and say 'hello' in the hallways. I will miss the kindness and the warmth of the staff."

Nathan thanks his mother, Melissa Anderson, for always being "my number one support and my number one fan."

He also thanked school adjustment counselor Catherine Fauth.

"She was my advocate at school. She treated me well and would fight for me if I needed anything. I am very thankful for the good support I had," he said.

"Nate came to us as a sophomore. He is kind and resilient and is such a genuine person who truly makes others around him feel important," Falmouth High School guidance counselor Lindsay Ruthven said.

"In five years, I see myself with a car, potentially in an apartment and moved out of home, and a full-time job," Nathan said.

Nathan's advice for students coming behind him during this time of pandemic was this: "I just want to say that, unfortunately, we don't know about the future, but I'm sure things will let up sooner or later. I want to say to the younger kids coming into high school to hold on and things will get better."

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