Please note that reservations are requested for most programs offered at Mashpee Senior Center unless indicated otherwise at the end of each description. More information is available by contacting Julie Silva, activity coordinator, at 508-539-1440, extension 3512.

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REAL ID Presentation By Registry Of Motor Vehicles

Beginning October 1, you will need a passport or a REAL ID, which is a federal ID, to fly within the United States or enter federal buildings. Join us Thursday, January 23, at 1 PM when we welcome a representative from the Registry of Motor Vehicles who will review the new federal and state requirements. Topics include what the difference is between “Standard ID” and “Real ID” driver’s licenses and identification cards; how to renew a Massachusetts Driver’s License or Massachusetts ID card; and the new federal and state requirements for renewing a license or ID card.

Karen’s Krafts

Join us as Karen Thurber leads workshops for making beautiful crafts. She will provide the needed supplies. Come on in and create! There is a fee.

Finger-Loop Knitting for Gloves and Infinity Scarfs will be the class on Thursday, January 16, at 2 PM. Finger-looping yarn is designed for fun, fast hand-knitting projects! No knitting or crocheting is needed. Learn to make a beautiful infinity scarf or warm gloves. There are lots of colors to choose. They are wonderful for this winter weather and make great gifts!

Mashpee Fire Department

In response to the positive feedback and follow-up questions from the December winter preparedness presentation by Mashpee Fire Department, on Tuesday, January 14, from 9 to 11:30 AM, a representative from the fire department will join us in the senior center lobby to give folks the opportunity to ask specific questions. Learn and get to know better this valuable department and its wonderful resources. Come on by and get your questions answered and pick up an emergency preparedness bag with supplies for your use on such an occasion.

Smart TV Presentation

In today’s connected world, our television sets are getting smarter. Smart TVs have an Internet connectivity that supports a whole range of applications—browsing the web, streaming video such as YouTube, playing games, controlling a whole house full of connected gadgets—at times, it can feel overwhelming. Join us on Wednesday, January 15, at 11 AM as “gadget man” Greg McKelvey helps to demystify the smart TV.

Home Modification Loan Program

Come to Mashpee Senior Center on Thursday, January 16, at 11 AM and imagine being able to help yourself or a loved one to live more independently at home. This state-funded lending program provides loans to homeowners and small landlords to fund necessary changes to keep elders or disabled family members in their own homes and communities. Some examples of projects funded are ramps, lifts, and bathroom and kitchen adaptions. Join us to learn more about the program, the eligibility requirements, the loan information, and the application process. More details are available at

Regional Shine Program

Please be aware that the Mashpee Council on Aging provides space to the regional SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) program for their counselors to meet with Mashpee seniors at the senior center. The counselors are here on a limited basis.

Can I change my Medicare Plan after Open Enrollment? Even though Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment ended in December (the period in which you can change your Medicare Part D Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan–Part C), you may still have some options.

For those with Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare): You can add a Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plan) at any time of the year in Massachusetts. If you already have a Massachusetts Medigap Plan, you can upgrade, downgrade, or end your coverage at any time during the year. If you missed your initial period to sign up for Medicare Part A (hospital) and/or Medicare Part B (medical), now is the time. Then general open enrollment period for Medicare A and B is January 1 to March 31 with an effective date of July 1. Call or visit your local Social Security office.

For those with a Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO or PPO): Between January 1 and March 31, you can drop your Medicare Advantage Plan, effectively switching back to Original Medicare. You will be able to Join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) at this time and you may also add a Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plan). You may also switch your Medicare Advantage plan from one to another during this time frame. There may be special enrollment periods available to change your prescription plan outside of Medicare Open Enrollment. Talk to your SHINE counselor if your 2020 prescription plan is not working for you.

Trained SHINE volunteers offer free, confidential counseling on all aspects of Medicare and related health insurance programs. Call Mashpee Senior Center to schedule a SHINE appointment at 508-539-1440. Please remember to bring your list of current medications to your appointment. For Mashpee residents, for more information on these programs or assistance with any Medicare issue, a Barnstable County SHINE counselor is placed once each week at the senior center. If you are a resident of a town other than Mashpee, call your town for SHINE locations/appointments. If you need immediate help or have an urgent question, contact Barnstable County Regional SHINE at 508-375-6762; or 508-362-5885 TTY.

Mashpee Police Department Tip Of The Month: Scam Alert!

The Mashpee Police Department continues to see scams involving prepaid cards. Always question any requests by family or friends that involve prepaid cards. Check with your family and friends before purchasing prepaid cards for them. The most recent scam that has been reported to the police department is a scammer disguised as a social media friend stating they made thousands of dollars in a small investment. The scammer then asks the friend if they want to get in on the deal. The scammer then advises the friend to go to a store and purchase prepaid cards. If you have any question regarding the legitimacy of a call or social media request, contact the Mashpee Police Department. For any questions, contact Special Officer and advocate Tara Carline at 508-539-1480, extension 7253, for support services.


The Mashpee Senior Center conducts many activities. Every month we will spotlight several activities. We encourage you to come and join us!

Ageless Yoga—Fridays from 9:45 to 10:45 AM. Gently led Hatha yoga class with focus on stretching, improving balance and building strength in a calm, supportive atmosphere. Students are encouraged to create an individual practice even in this group setting. This allows each person to move forward at their own pace. For seasoned practitioners or for those who haven’t touched their toes in years, this class is safe, beneficial and fun for all. Bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing. Various instructors.

Gentle Yoga—Mondays from 9:45 to 11 AM. Appropriate for those who are comfortable sitting on the floor. This slow-moving class focuses on stretching and working muscles in a gentle manner. Bring a yoga mat. There is a fee. The first class is free.

Chair Yoga—Mondays from 11 AM to noon. Modified for seniors who prefer yoga seated in a chair. Poses are done seated in a chair or using the chair for support while standing. There is a fee. The first class is free.

How Do I Join The Mashpee Senior Center?

It’s easy! If you are a resident of Mashpee and at least 59 1⁄2 years old, you are automatically eligible to participate in all activities and services. There is no membership fee. Generally there is no cost to participate, but there may be a fee for some classes. Stop by the senior center to receive a welcome package and fill out our contact information form. You will then receive our free Senior Connection monthly newsletter that contains information on all our activities and services.

You can also visit for our online newsletter or you can stop by the front desk at the senior center to pick up the newsletter. Nonresidents and/or younger individuals may participate in most activities on a “space available” basis. What are the major benefits of participation in the Mashpee Senior Center? Mashpee senior residents may utilize the free minibus transportation services and participate in activities and services.

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