Mashpee Grad Leader In 'White Man' Movement

Kyle Hunt, as pictured in the Mashpee High School Class of 2002 Yearbook.

Mashpee residents, community leaders, and alumni of the town’s high school have expressed shock upon learning that a global pro-white movement leader is one of their own.

Kyle Hunt, 30, a 2002 graduate of Mashpee High School, has been identified as the force behind last weekend’s worldwide “White Man March” event.

A profile of Mr. Hunt appeared in a blog entry on the website of the Village Voice, a New York City-based alternative weekly newspaper and website, on Wednesday last week.

On the White Man March website, Mr. Hunt wrote that the purpose of the march is to spread information through activism, but also to make a statement that “white people are united in their love for their race and their opposition to its destruction.”

The main message of the organization is “diversity = white genocide.”

“We will also be showing that the old stereotypes about pro-white activists are false. The media would like our people to believe that pro-whites are all Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, and the like, which discourages many white people from becoming advocates for their own interests. We will be showing that many pro-whites are well-educated, attractive, and respectable people who are concerned about the future they and their families are facing. We encourage people to carry themselves with dignity, pride, and professionalism when demonstrating for their race,” Mr. Hunt wrote.

He also claims that whites are the victims of rape, home invasion, murder, and other violence from non-whites, and that whites fund the housing, healthcare, schooling, food stamps, and “booming” birth rates of non-whites.

The website indicates that the marches will occur on a monthly basis through 2014.

In an e-mail exchange on Wednesday, Mr. Hunt said that he does not consider himself a white supremacist.

“The best way to describe myself is a pro-white activist. Why can every other race have pride in their people and organize groups to advance their interests, but when white people celebrate our heritage and stand up for ourselves we are labeled ‘supremacists’?” he wrote. He goes on to note that he is seeking rights for white people who are being discriminated against solely on the color of their skin based on affirmative action and diversity quotas, which he referred to as “government-enforced racism.”

Mr. Hunt also hosts a weekly radio show, “The Blitzkrieg Broadcast,” on Renegade Broadcasting, an online radio station. Recent broadcasts have focused on topics ranging from an interview with the director of “The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax,” a documentary film claiming that the Holocaust never happened, and “Turning the Tide Against the Enemy,” a discussion in which the goal was to “raise white consciousness to a higher level.”

In the Mashpee High School Class of 2002 yearbook, Mr. Hunt was named “Most Likely to Succeed” and one of two students having the “Most School Spirit.” He was the class valedictorian, co-chairman of the school council, and the student representative to the Mashpee School Committee. He also played on the football, lacrosse, and track and field teams.

“Kyle was a very high-achieving student, and was instrumental in the establishment of a lacrosse program at Mashpee High School. I haven’t had any contact with Kyle for many years. I am very disappointed that he would be involved in this type of hate speech,” said Mashpee school superintendent Brian A. Hyde, who also served as the Class of 2002 advisor.

Former Mashpee selectman Theresa M. Cook was a school committee member when Mr. Hunt was the student representative to the committee.

“Kyle was the epitome of clean-cut All-American guy. He was an athlete, scholar, and was extremely tolerant. He always had a lot to offer to the school committee. Should this prove to be true, I would be shocked,” Ms. Cook said.

Mr. Hunt, via e-mail, said that he did not advocate for white interests while attending Mashpee High School, but only took up the cause in recent years, when he saw anti-white sentiment escalating in academia, the workforce, movies, and television. He also said that he has not maintained relationships with anyone from Mashpee in recent years and that he can understand why those who knew him here would be surprised by his views. “Pro-white positions are ‘politically incorrect,’ which means that white people are only allowed to have an anti-white worldview. Anyone who stands up for white people is called a racist, neo-Nazi, fascist, bigot, hater, or white supremacist,” he wrote.

Mr. Hunt also said that his parents did not raise him in any way to be a racist, and that they have asked him to stop his activism.

Attempts to reach Mr. Hunt’s parents for comment have been unsuccessful.

According to information in his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Hunt graduated from Amherst College in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and theater and dance. His professional experience includes several positions with high technology companies, including Google, in the Silicon Valley of northern California. The profile also indicates that Mr. Hunt served as a research intern at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole during his senior year of high school.

In his e-mail correspondence, Mr. Hunt said that he no longer lives in Massachusetts.

“I would prefer not revealing my current location, as I have been inundated with many death wishes and death threats. Through the use of violence and intimidation, ‘anti racist’ (aka anti-white) groups seek to prevent pro-whites from exercising our rights to free speech and assembly,” he wrote.

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