An active shooter drill is planned at Mashpee Middle-High School on Wednesday, August 21, and will begin at 9 AM.

In a press release, police advised members of the public not to be alarmed by a large presence of emergency vehicles at the school Wednesday morning.

The drill, planned by the Mashpee Police Department, Mashpee Fire/Rescue Department, and the Mashpee School District, will simulate a “full emergency response to an immediate threat, or mass casualty event,” Police Chief Scott W. Carline wrote in the press release.

In an effort to make the drill realistic, a professional actor will portray the active shooter and moulage kits, which incorporate fake blood and realistic wounds, will be used.

Approximately 100 role players consisting of parents, teachers, staff, and students will participate in the drill.

“Although we intensely hope this type of event never takes place and as much as we all hate the reality of it, active shooter events are going to continue and the unthinkable can occur anywhere,” Chief Carline said in the press release.

“As public safety leaders it is our responsibility to our schools, our students, our staff and our community to be as prepared as possible and to support those responsible in potential target locations in their preparations and planning,” he said.

Outside agencies, including but not limited to the Department of Homeland Security, Massachusetts State Police, Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department, Upper Cape Cod Special Response Team, Cape Cod Law Enforcement Council Swat Team, and surrounding communities will assist in the drill, the press release states.

“Joint training with these agencies has never been more collaborative and cooperative and it is critically important to an effective response to an active shooter scenario such as this,” Chief Carline said in the press release.

The drill will not make use of any live fire of any kind, including blanks, simunitions, or projectiles.

The focus of the active shooter drill is to “build confidence in recognizing the challenges of managing a tactical response, planning assistance, community interaction and recovery coordination,” the press release states.

The training is expected to last about two hours. No road closures are expected and the impact on the community is expected to be minimal, the press release states.

Signs will be posted to remind citizens that the event is only a drill.

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