Sea Oaks Stabbing

Police say that the man charged with stabbing his mother and assaulting another man at the Sea Oaks Condominium complex on Falmouth Road used LSD and marijuana before the incident. The police now have charged Jason C. Roderick of East Falmouth with providing those drugs.

Mashpee police charged Jason C. Roderick, 23, of East Falmouth with two counts of conspiracy to violate drug laws on January 10 after a month-long investigation into the actions that led to the stabbing of a 70-year-old woman and the assault of another person at the Sea Oaks Condominiums in Mashpee.

Police say Mr. Roderick was the source of the drugs used by the man charged with committing the assault, Andrew J. Mrozinski of Mashpee.

According to court documents, on December 11, Mashpee police responded to calls for a disturbance involving a “bloody” man banging on multiple doors at the Sea Oaks Condominiums in Mashpee.

Upon arriving at the condominiums, police used a taser to subdue a naked Mr. Mrozinski, 33, of Mashpee, who, responding Officer Bryan Derochea said, “was irate and wished to challenge officers physically.”

At the scene, police identified two victims: Mr. Mrozinski’s mother, Ann M. Kopaczewski, who suffered significant stab wounds and was taken by helicopter to Rhode Island Hospital, and James N. Donovan, who was taken by ambulance to Falmouth Hospital.

Mr. Mrozinski was charged with one count of assault to murder, four counts of assault and battery on a family/household member, and one count each of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, mayhem, and resisting arrest. He pled not guilty on December 12 in Falmouth District Court.

Following the incident, Mashpee police detectives began an investigation into the actions that led to the stabbing.

In interviews with police and a signed, written statement, Mr. Donovan said that he purchased two ounces of marijuana and three tabs of LSD on December 11 from Mr. Roderick, which he then gave to Mr. Mrozinski.

According to Mr. Donovan’s statement, he purchased the drugs at about 6 PM at Mr. Roderick’s Esker Place residence. Mr. Donovan remained at Mr. Roderick’s residence until about 9:30 PM when he returned to the Sea Oaks Condominiums, where he met Mr. Mrozinski, who immediately took the three tabs of LSD. Later that night, Mr. Mrozinski allegedly stabbed his mother and assaulted Mr. Donovan.

Mr. Donovan also provided text messages to police in which Mr. Roderick asks Mr. Donovan how much marijuana he wants to buy. The text messages between Mr. Roderick and Mr. Donovan show that this was not the first time that Mr. Donovan had purchased marijuana from Mr. Roderick.

According to court documents, Mashpee Detective Brett Calhoun determined from Mr. Donovan’s statements that he had probable cause to believe that Mr. Roderick was conspiring to distribute Class D (marijuana) and Class B (LSD) drugs from his residence at Esker Place.

On December 27, in coordination with Falmouth detectives, Mashpee detectives executed a search warrant at Mr. Roderick’s Esker Place residence during which the detectives seized a cellphone as evidence. After being issued a warrant to search the phone, Mashpee detectives transferred the phone to the Massachusetts State Police detectives who downloaded the contents of the phone.

Within the contents downloaded from Mr. Roderick’s phone, Detective Calhoun found four different text conversations regarding the transaction between Mr. Roderick and Mr. Donovan.

Court documents say that text conversations show Mr. Donovan reaching out to Mr. Roderick to purchase marijuana. Mr. Roderick then asks Mr. Donovan if he wants to buy some LSD. Mr. Donovan says yes.

Another conversation shows Mr. Roderick trying to purchase a “rope” of marijuana from a third man for Mr. Donovan. The text messages show Mr. Roderick negotiating the terms of the transaction and setting up the deal to take place at his residence at Esker Place at 6 PM on December 11.

Based on these findings, Detective Calhoun sought criminal charges against Mr. Roderick for conspiracy to violate drug law.

According to a press release from the Mashpee Police Department, Mr. Roderick was taken into custody without incident January 10. Later that same day, he was arraigned in Falmouth District Court on two charges of conspiracy to violate drug law. A pretrial hearing was scheduled for March 23. Mr. Roderick was released on personal recognizance.

On Thursday, January 16, the state requested a continuance of Mr. Mrozinski’s probable cause hearing. The hearing is now scheduled for February 10.

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