The Town of Mashpee Recreation Department, the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod, and the Mashpee Public Schools have been collaborating to create a Supervised Remote Learning Care Program for students in grades 4 through 6 during the school day.

The program will be based at the club at 31 Frank E. Hicks Drive.

“Mary Bradbury, Ruth Provost, and I met to brainstorm and problem-solve around providing supervised childcare to students in grades 4 through 6 during their remote learning weeks,” Superintendent Patricia DeBoer said. “These children are hybrid learners this year—alternating between one week of in-person learning at school and one week of remote learning at home or at another supervised site.”

“We all came together organically,” said Ruth Provost, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club.

Mary K. Bradbury, the town recreation director, anticipated that once hiring and paperwork is finalized they can open following the first week of school. Mashpee Public Schools are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 16.

“I’m hoping, optimistically, very optimistically, that we can be up and running by the 21st of September,” Ms. Bradbury said.

“We put our heads together and determined that the Boys & Girls Club had space available and the Mashpee Recreation has the capacity and resources for licensing and staffing, so a true partnership was formed,” Ms. Bradbury said.

Although the program will be located at the club, parents will need to register their children in-person at the town recreation department on Main Street.

“The goal of the program is to provide our remote learners in grades 4 through 6 with a safe, supervised, and supported environment in which to learn when they are not in school,” Ms. DeBoer said. “This program also supports parents who are not able to be at home during their child’s remote learning weeks.”

Mashpee Public Schools are providing support in terms of additional furnishings like desks, chairs, and tables, along with technology support for students.

Capacity will be limited. Ms. Bradbury estimated they will have enough room for 40 to 50 children.

“The children will be split into their own learning cohort with a dedicated staff person,” Ms. Bradbury said. “All of the staff will be certified and qualified through the EEC [Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care] and DPH [Department of Public Health].”

There will be 10 children in a cohort.

“To the best of our ability we will mirror the cohorts already in place at school,” Ms. Bradbury said.

“We will be following the school schedule exactly… and mirror the school day so kids have consistency,” Ms. Bradbury said.

The fee for the program is still up in the air, but Ms. Bradbury said it will most likely be $40 per day.

“This is a wonderful example of how Mashpee is a connected community,” Ms. DeBoer said. “Three different organizations are working collaboratively to solve a problem for the families of Mashpee. I am confident that the Boys & Girls Club space will be a wonderful setting for our remote learners, and that the recreation department staff will be able to supervise and support our remote learners.”

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