While the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the Town of Mashpee from holding in-person Veteran’s Day services on Wednesday, November 11, a broadcast on local channel 99 by Mashpee Community Television sought to bridge the distance.

Preceded by the Massachusetts Virtual Veterans Day Service 2020 and an address by Governor Charles D. Baker Jr., the Mashpee TV Veterans Day broadcast aired around 10:30 AM and again around 7:30 PM on Wednesday.

“As veterans we understand that wherever there is peace, wherever there is freedom, there is also a threat to them, and as the decades and centuries have passed, generations of men and women have bravely and selflessly heeded the call to service,” Steven Koglin, the commander of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5489, said in his opening remarks on Mashpee TV. “We understand that Veterans Day is a day of deep significance.”

A Mashpee veteran of the Korean War, Norman Dias spoke briefly during the broadcast. Mr. Dias is also a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

"I do have a feeling on Veterans Day because I look over at that park and see all those deceased friends that I knew and families that I knew, and they're all connected and we're all connected to them,” Mr. Dias said in reference to memorials in the Veterans Garden across from Mashpee Town Hall.

The ceremonies broadcast by Mashpee TV also included prayers from Pastor Heather Bailes Baker of the United Methodist Church of Osterville, a presentation from the Heroes In Transition's 11th Annual Fall Gala and a presentation by Wayne Soares, who writes the Veteran’s Spotlight column that appears in the Mashpee Enterprise.

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