Candidates running for the Mashpee Board of Selectmen have filed their campaign finance reports with the Mashpee Town Clerk ahead of election day on Saturday, May 8.

Marie A. Stone, who is challenging incumbent selectmen John J. Cotton and Thomas O’Hara in the three-way race for two seats on the board, spent the most this election cycle with $1,807 in expenditures, $705 in in-kind contributions and $693 in outstanding liabilities.

Mr. Cotton reported $1,117 in expenditures. Mr. O’Hara reported $1,110 in expenditures, though the campaign finance report filed by his campaign was incomplete and lacked a detailed list of expenditures.

Ms. Stone also received the most in political contributions with $2,491 in total receipts this election cycle. Mr. Cotton received $2,075 in political contributions, and Mr. O’Hara received $2,225 in political contributions.

Ms. Stone spent $605 on stamps, $575 on yard signs, $308 on printing, $137 on postcards and supplies, and $51 on a website. Unlisted expenditures under $50 totaled an additional $130. Ms. Stone also owes Mary Waygan an additional $385 for stamps and $308 for printing.

In-kind contributions to Ms. Stone include $180 in stamps from Richard DeSorgher, $146 in stamps from Patricia Kelinui, $129 in stamps and copies from B. Lynne Barbee, $110 in stamps from Richard Klein, $72 in stamps from Kathleen Irwin and $67 in envelopes and food from Ms. Waygan.

In political contributions, Ms. Stone received $975 from Glenn McCarthy, $356 from the Mashpee Democratic Town Committee, $300 from the Cape and Islands Democratic Council, $110 from Ms. Waygan, $85 from Carol Lopez, $75 from Michael Oleksak and $75 from Mohamad Fahd. She also received $515 in contributions under $50.

Mr. Cotton spent $535 on labeled hand sanitizer to distribute at Town Meeting, $284 on printing, $163 on car magnets and $102 on ink and supplies.

Political contributions to Mr. Cotton included $500 from Arnold B. Chase Jr., the developer of Mashpee Commons, $500 from Roy Ricci, $200 from Edward A. Larkin, $100 from Nikko Ricci, $100 from Cape Cod Convention Center Inc., $100 from Donna J. Bonvie and $100 from Graham C. Silliman. Mr. Cotton also received $475 in contributions under $50.

The campaign finance report for Mr. O’Hara did not include a list of expenditures but reported a total of $1,110 in expenditures this election cycle.

Political contributions to Mr. O’Hara included $500 from Mr. Chase, the developer of Mashpee Commons, $500 from Mr. Larkin, $350 from the Mashpee Republican Town Committee, $250 from Kevin Shacket and $100 from the Cape Cod Convention Center.

The political contributions listen in Mr. O’Hara’s campaign finance report total $1,700. Mr. O'Hara also received $525 in contributions under $50, for a total of $2,225.

Additionally, Mashpee resident Mary Adams Oleksak filed a report detailing $721 in expenditures for signs, bumper stickers and door hangers that support approval of the ballot question related to the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and sewer system.

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