Mashpee police arrested a man on drug distribution charges following a traffic stop last Friday.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday, June 15, Mashpee police stopped a vehicle for speeding on Route 28 near Mashpee Commons. The driver, Alexander W. Whittaker, 29, of Taunton was arrested for operating under the influence of drugs, speeding, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, excessive noise/tire spinning, and conspiracy to violate drug law.

Because of his arrest, the car was towed from the scene. Sergeant Ryan Nardone asked the passenger, Enrique M. Gomes, 27, of State Street, East Wareham, if he could make a phone call and have someone pick him up. Mr. Gomes made several phone calls, but was unable to contact anyone.

“Gomes stated that he and the driver had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol together to celebrate Whittaker’s birthday, which occurred a few days earlier,” Sgt. Nardone wrote. “Based on these statements, I did not feel comfortable allowing Gomes to roam Route 28, which had heavy vehicular traffic for the time of night. I informed Gomes that we could provide him a courtesy transport to the front lobby of the police department where he could continue to make arrangements for a ride if he wished, Gomes accepted.”

He conducted a pat-frisk on Mr. Gomes prior to letting him enter the police cruiser. Prior to the frisk, Mr. Gomes stated he had a scale on his person.

“Protruding out of the left pocket was a plastic glassine baggie,” Sgt. Nardone wrote. “I conducted my frisk and shined my flashlight inside the left pocket and observed an opaque crystal substance inside the clear baggie.”

According to Sgt. Nardone’s report, Mr. Gomes denied the substance was his.

“The opaque substance was field tested using a Nark II #15 test kit,” he wrote. “It tested positive for methamphetamine. The substance was weighed using Gomes’ scale and weighed 0.01 grams.”

He also found $350 in Mr. Gomes’s pockets. The report indicates the currency was folded into separate denominations, consistent with distribution of narcotics.

Police searched the vehicle, finding approximately 2 ounces of marijuana in a large clear cellophane bag in the passenger side compartment and 1⁄4 an ounce of marijuana in a bottle in the car’s center console.

Mr. Gomes was arraigned on charges of possession to distribute a Class D drug, possession of a Class D drug, possession of the Class B drug and conspiracy to violate the drug law on Monday in Falmouth District Court. He returns to court for a pretrial hearing on July 18. His bail was set at $500.

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