With the posting of an advertisement in the local newspaper last week, the regulations approved by the Mashpee Board of Health to regulate marijuana are now official.

The regulations give the local health department the authority to regulate the new industry, which is slowly moving into Mashpee.

With the new rules, retail stores and other adult-use marijuana-related businesses will have to register with the department, be subject to inspections from the department, and pay $300 as part of the process.

The board had begun reviewing a draft of the regulations in January when six applicants had requested an agreement with the town to open a retail marijuana facility. The Mashpee Board of Selectmen has since selected one of those applicants, Triple M, which operates a medical marijuana facility on Echo Road.

Meanwhile, two companies have requested similar agreements with the town: one to open a marijuana manufacturing business, the other to open a growing facility.

None of the three businesses has yet to open in Mashpee.

Other available license types, aside from retail sale, include manufacturing, cultivation, transportation, microbusiness, research facilities and others.

The new regulations will give the board the authority to enforce potential nuisances or health violations including noise or smells that emanate from the premises.

The board approached the regulation as a way to “ensure the public health and public safety of our Town,” as the opening lines of the draft regulations state. “Whereas the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court had held that ‘... [t]he right to engage in business must yield to the paramount right of government to protect public health by any rational means.’ ”

“...[The] prevention of the illegal sale and use of marijuana, particularly involving youth, is a public health priority and within the legal authority of boards of health to protect public health, safety, and welfare,” the draft regulations state.

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